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Eligibility Criteria
Non-Lucrative Visa (NLV)

Proof of Min Passive Income of €2400 per month.
Min Deposit Bank Account €29K.
Clean Criminal Record.

Top Benefits Of Hiring
A Migration Consultant

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Non-Lucrative Visa
For Passive Income Holders

Why Choose the NLV Visa

- It does not require investment in the country, only proof of passive income.
- Allows you to live with quality of life the safest country in the world.
- Allows you to bring your family to Spain with you to enjoy all the same benefits.

Who Can Apply

- Retirees and Pensioners with recurrent and secure income.
- Holders of Stable Passive Income, e.g. Income from Owned Property, Financial Applications, Profits and Dividends from Companies Royalties from Property Rights.

Minimum Financial Requirements

- Provide proof of a minimum monthly passive income of EUR 2,400, plus €600 a month for every family member that is joining you. Typically, the applicant must show bank statements to prove this.
- For spouse or partners must submit an increase of 50% of the minimum amount required.
- Six months of bank statements and the funds must be held by the name of the main visa applicant.

Family Reunification

- Children or stepchildren who are minors or disabled.
- Children or stepchildren over 18 years old*.
- Spouses or partners.
- Parents or in-laws*.

How Can We Help You?

- Assessing your eligibility.
- Providing you an Account Manager & Immigration Expert fully dedicated.
- Assisting with the submission of the application, and representing you in any proceedings that may be required.
- Ensuring that your application is completed correctly and efficiently.
- Monitoring the progress of the appication approval process.
- One Immigration Expert may be assigned to be with you at the meeting at Estrangeria in Spain.


Visa Approval Rate

Our services include:

1) Schedule a Free Consultation: Initial individualized consultation, so that we can assess your profile and identify the type of visa most appropriate to your objectives and context.

2) Assistance: Complete assistance in obtaining the necessary documentation and formulating your visa application at the Consulate.

3) High-Touch Service From Experts: Guidance as to your application for a Residence Permit in Spain, as well as your household, thus ensuring the best solution for your case and the follow-up of all your steps with the attention and security that you deserve.

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"I chose to make a first appointment with the Atlantic Bridge out of pure empathy.  I say with peace of mind that I received information, guidance, attention and all support from the team."


Atlantic Bridge fulfilled our dream! Now I live with my family in Madrid in peace and safety.

Nilarah Albuquerque

"Having the Atlantic Bridge, next to me, made all the difference on that route. I just have to thank Atlantic Bridge and the team that accompanied us during this process."


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