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An initial individualized consultation helps us assess your profile and identify the type of visa best suited to your goals and context.

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We provide complete assistance in obtaining the necessary documentation and formulating your visa application at the Consulate until you arrive in Portugal.


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We advise you and your family in the Residence Permit (RA) application, following all your steps with attention and ensuring total safety.

D7 Visa Eligibility Criteria

Proof of Min Passive Income of €9K per annum.
Min Deposit Bank Portuguese Bank Account €9K.
Clean Criminal Record.

D7 Visa
The Program for Passive Income Holders

Why Choose the D7 Visa

- It does not require investment in the country, only proof of passive income.
- Allows you to live with quality of life in the 3rd safest country in the world.
- Free access to the highest quality education and public health systems in Europe.
- Possibility to request Portuguese citizenship after 5 years of residence in the country.
- Allows you to work in Portugal, including for reunited family members.

Who Can Apply

- Retirees and Pensioners with recurrent and secure income.
- Holders of Stable Passive Income, e.g. Income from Owned Property, Financial Applications, Profits and Dividends from Companies Royalties from Property Rights.

Minimum Financial Requirements

- Provide proof of a minimum monthly passive income of EUR 705, and a minimum deposit of EUR 8,460 in a Portuguese account for one year for the main applicant.
- For spouse or partners must submit an increase of 50% of the minimum amount required.
- For the other members of the group, an increase of 30% of the minimum required amount must be presented.

Family Reunification

- Children or stepchildren who are minors or disabled.
- Children or stepchildren over 18 years old*.
- Spouses or partners.
- Parents or in-laws*.

How Can We Help You?

- Assessing your eligibility.
- Providing you an Account Manager & Immigration Expert fully dedicated.
- Assisting with the submission of the application, and representing you in any proceedings that may be required.
- Ensuring that your application is completed correctly and efficiently.
- Monitoring the progress of the appication approval process.
- One Immigration Expert may be assigned to be with you at the meeting at Estrangeria in Spain.

Why Hiring A Migration Consultant Is Important?

No Rework

Stress-Free Experience

No Surprises Due to Policy Changes

Faster Results

Our Clients Testimonials


"I chose to make a first appointment with the Atlantic Bridge out of pure empathy. Then it all started to happen and I'm here in Lisbon. I say with peace of mind that I received information, guidance, attention and all support from the team."


Atlantic Bridge fulfilled our dream! Now I live with my family in Lisbon in peace and safety.

Nilarah Albuquerque

"The process for obtaining a residence visa in Portugal is very bureaucratic and thorough. Having the Atlantic Bridge, next to me, made all the difference on that route. I just have to thank Atlantic Bridge and the team that accompanied us during this process."


Top Benefits Of Hiring A Migration Consultant?

Guidance in Visa Selection

Every visa category is different. You may be eligible even for more than 2 programs at once. It may be difficult for you to make the best choice.

Understanding & Resolving Complex Issues

But getting help from a PR consultant will save you time. Which otherwise you would consume in understanding the procedure.

Well-Prepared & Well-Presented Applications

Your application needs to be well-presented in order to be considered by both the immigration authorities

Verified Documentation & Process

Do you know that even one mismatch of documents and details can stop you from forever? 

Authorities may declare you as a fraud if they find that your documents are not relating to the information you shared.

Up-to-Date About Laws & Efficient Follow-Ups

Consultants can act as a representative of your application. They can ensure that communication is done smoothly.

Additionally, if any changes in immigration law or procedures occur. PR visa consultants will keep you updated about the same.

Suggest Alternative Options

Despite meeting all the eligibility requirements. And submitting the application in the best manner. You may not be lucky to meet visa success.

In such a scenario, immigration consultants aid your hopes with alternative options.

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